The Known Customs of Weddings

Weddings are celebrated with some kind of ceremony almost everywhere in the world. The ceremonies vary greatly among different nations and religions. But whatever the form of a marriage ceremony, it serves the important purpose of announcing to the community that a man and a woman have been joined in matrimony. The wedding ceremony may be a religious one performed by a clergyman. It may be a civil ceremony performed by a civil official, such as a judge or a mayor. It may be only a couples declaration before witnesses of their intention to marry.

Some people today chose to write their own marriage ceremony, or perhaps have a favourite poem to read. In some places a transfer of property makes a marriage binding. In other places blood is drawn from tiny scratches made on the hands of the bride and groom. The blood is mingled, sealing the union. Among some people the marriage rite consists only of the bride and groom sharing the same food.

Many of the customs associated with wedding ceremonies are based on neither church nor civil law. They developed from wedding customs of the earliest times and come from many lands. The wearing of the bridal veil may have come from a superstition dating back to early Greek and Roman times. The veil was thought to conceal the bride from evil spirits. The veil is also believed to have been worn as an indication of the brides innocence and purity.

The ring is the most widely used symbol of marriage today, as it has been for centuries. The word wedding comes from the old English word wed, which means promise or pledge. During Anglo Saxen times a betrothal, or promise to marry, was sealed when the bride or groom to be gave the sweetheart a ring. The ring, a circle with no beginning or end, was considered a symbol of eternity. The fourth finger of the left hand was chosen as the ring finger because of mistaken beliefs that a vein or nerve runs from that finger to the heart.

The best man and the groomsmen, or ushers, have been explained as a survival of the ancient practice of wife capture, in which the bridegrooms friends helped him in his struggle to carry off his wife. The brides attendants were supposed to protect her from being captured.

In ancient times people drove off any unfriendly spirits around the bridal couple by making noises, brandishing weapons, lighting fires, and waving torches. Many practices that were supposed to prevent bad luck and bring blessings to the bridal pair have come down through the years.

Throwing rice after a newly married couple is a very old custom. The ancients threw rice at a bride and groom to distract evil spirits. Rice, a symbol of fertility among some people, expresses the hope that the couple will be blessed with children.

Every state and nation has its own laws and requirements governing marriage. There may be regulations concerning the ages at which a couple may marry, the procedures for a license to marry, the recording of the marriage, or the type of ceremony.


Unique Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Dream Wedding

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Dream Wedding After the wedding ceremony and the party is over everybody wants to have a reminder of your special day. Aside from pictures, one of the keepsakes a couple can have is the cake topper. Unique wedding cake toppers do not only add glamour and class but it also serve as a focal point for a theme adopted for the wedding. Before, it is only used to enhance the appearance of the cake and to add style to the wedding centerpiece.

Cake toppers fall into two categories. One is the traditional wedding cake topper. It is traditional in the sense that they are classic in nature and they depict a traditional wedding. The other one is comical or humorous cake toppers. Today a cake topper is one of the most important details a cake should have. Some of the unique wedding toppers are mostly custom made.

Custom wedding toppers are mostly expensive but you can see the craftsmanship in every design which is worth the pay. If the couples are just looking for the traditional type of cake toppers, they can have it pre-made from cake shops or even order online from the cake topper catalogs that online cake shop prepared for potential clients. You can always order anytime and you have many choices of designs to choose from that will suit to your wedding theme and cake.

With a wide selection to choose from and a wide array of themes from a simple monogram, humorous, traditional, symbolic, castles, circle of Love, military, precious moments, animals, characters, crystals, Swarovski, religious, career, sports and lot to more and from sculpted and from ceramic, glass, porcelain or gold, certainly a memorable wedding is just a grab away.

There are some unique non-traditional bride and groom designs that you can choose for a unique wedding. These decorations include a bride that has caught her groom in a fishing line, a groom carrying his bride, a bride and groom kissing, a bride and groom dressed in military garb, football jersey or other costumes and a bride and groom engaging in sports. The choice seems to be endless and your imagination is your only limitation.

You may come across of the well-crafted designs. In addition to simple toppers are convenient and humorous unique designs that are truly amazing. To impress the guests, custom and personalize unique wedding cake toppers are made like a replica or caricature of both bride and groom. Each piece is hand sculpted with great attention to every detail from photos provided by the customer. This is closer to having your own self on the cake itself where you can have your face printed on the cake too.

Just be sure in choosing the right topper, choose unique wedding cake toppers that go along with your wedding motif and theme. Add a more personalized touch that will display your own style and personality for each wedding topper signifies the special moment cherished by couples, a special reminder that they could cherish for a lifetime.


Tips on Planning a Dream Wedding on a Budget

¬†When we hear the word wedding, we oftentimes have the notion that it’s expensive, costly, pricey, and the list of synonyms go on. Having that dream of wedding of yours isn’t really all that impossible. You can have your way and finally bring to life the wedding which you think would remain too elusive. You deserve to have the wedding you have dreamt of for already a long time and you can really make that happen. With that driving force and the right plan you’re an inch away towards achieving that dream wedding.

Budget Planning

This is really a very important factor that must be considered. You can’t come up with a good wedding without having to spend time running over budget and the like. It is very rudimentary that the couple will really have to set aside enough time for them to discuss on how to handle the budget for their wedding as to whether they would like to have a grand wedding or just an average one but still has the posh elegance.

Religious Aspect

The couple also has to decide who is going to officiate their wedding and under what religious rite their wedding is going to be celebrated. It’s good if both have the same religious beliefs otherwise they have to deliberately decide whose religion they are going to follow. This is an element which must be greatly considered.

Setting the Date

It is also equally important to carefully figure out the exact date of this big event. This must be decided deliberately because there are certain factors that may influence the outcome of your wedding. For example, if you happen to hold it on holiday vacations then a lot of guests wouldn’t be probably able to come as they are also away for a trip. That’s how the importance of deciding the right date gets in.

Wedding Theme

The bride especially gets thrilled with the wedding’s theme or concept. This just makes a lot of brides-to-be get all too ecstatic. A term “bridezilla” was even coined in the urban language for those obsessive brides wanting to have the best wedding from among the rest. As for the wedding theme, there is actually a vast collection to choose from. You can go for something contemporary or you can also go years backward to give your wedding that quaint charm.

Choose the Venue

Here’s another element that has an immense impact on the outcome of the wedding. This is also something you can flexibly modify. Some couples would want to hold their weddings the conventional way around. That means a church ceremony. Some would also want to have some modifications in it. That’s why we now have beach and garden weddings. The venue must be scrupulously picked so that it may not interfere with the solemnity of the ceremony. If you happen to hold the wedding at the beach, be sure to have a plan B just in case the weather goes bad the entourage and the guests will not drench from the pouring rain. Just make it very sure that the contingency plan is always ready.


Booking Your Reception Hall

Planning a wedding can be a little bit like jumping off a cliff. It’s easy to start, but where do you go from there? There’s so much to be done and it seems like if everything isn’t perfect the day will be ruined. Take a breath. It’s going to be okay. Your wedding day is about you, and all you need to do to have a great wedding is be true to yourself and take things one step at a time. Here are some wedding reception ideas and the steps you need to take to book a reception hall on a budget.

1. Plan
Take some time and sit down with your partner. Make some general decisions about what you want your wedding and reception to be like. Do you want a small or large reception? Add up the numbers. You’ll want to take into account your friends and family and any guests they will be bringing. Do you want children present? This will affect the kind of venue you book for your reception. Children may not enjoy themselves at a very formal wedding reception, but at an amusement park or ranch, children would be very welcome.

What theme, if any, do you want for your wedding? A theme wedding can brighten up an otherwise plain reception hall and it can create a seamless, festive wedding experience. Some wedding themes are renaissance, butterflies, fifties, candlelight, winter wonderland, and beach themes, to name a very few. Do you want your wedding reception to be indoor or outdoor; formal, intimate, eclectic, traditional, or contemporary?

Finally, in considering your guests and your own needs, what special needs do you need to accommodate for? Do you need a separate kitchen to prepare food for those with allergies? Do you need a hall that is easily accessible for those with handicaps? What religious or cultural traditions, if any, will you want to showcase? What kind of parking do you need? How many guests are coming from far away? You may want to choose a wedding reception hall that is close to major highways, airports, and hotels.

Now that you have this important information in front of you, choosing and booking a reception hall should be simple.

2. Budget
This is a small but imperative step. Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a reception hall. The hall may or may not include catering, a wedding cake, chairs, linens, dishes, flatware, a DJ, and access to alcohol. Make sure to budget separately for these items and ask each reception hall candidate what they include in their wedding reception package.

3. Book it
The farther in advance you book the reception hall, the more likely you are to get it and the cheaper it will be. Some people even book popular spaces years in advance. So get started as early as you can. If you only have a few months before the wedding, do not panic. There are plenty of alternative venues that don’t require intensely early booking. Try out a public park, a farm, a restaurant, a museum, the rooftop of your apartment building, or a friend’s backyard. Try booking your reception venue in the off-season (the wedding season is May through August, but the peak season will vary from venue to venue) for greater availability and less cost.

Based on your list of requirements, make a list of reception halls that could accommodate your needs. Find them through talking with friends and family who have married recently, through online searches, and even in the phone book. Call each place and ask about what is included in the reception package, how many people they can accommodate, if there is alcohol allowed or provided, what the total cost will be, what dates they are available, what their deposit and cancellation policies are, what parking is offered, how they deal with special needs, and any other questions you may have.

When you have a reception hall you really like, hand over the down-payment check, write a date on your calendar, and check “Find Reception Hall” off your giant list of wedding things yet to be done!