Have a Stress Free Wedding

Now that your journey in finding your soul mate has finally come to an end, the culminating event in celebration of this wonderful accomplishment is here: your wedding day. This day should be one of the happiest days of your life. It should be a party where you and your partner share your joy and happiness to the people that mean the most to you. Yes, the day you become one should be a joyful event. Yet, it can add up to months and months of stress because of all the planning involved in bringing it all together for one grand event. So, what can you do to avoid the stress and add more joy to your wedding day? Here are some tips that should help:

1. Start early in planning your wedding. Most reception facilities, photographers, and entertainment providers are usually booked up to 2 years in advance for prime wedding months of the year. Start making calls early to see what dates are open.

2. Choose the wedding dress carefully. One the most important decisions that a bride must make in the course of planning her wedding is the design of her wedding dress; this should take top priority. Factors like the bride’s body shape, the theme of the event, and even the budget, are all considered when choosing the perfect wedding gown. You must try on plenty of dresses and check several shops before you find that one special dress that will best suit you.

3. In choosing flowers for the event, bear in mind the theme and the color choices selected for the occasion. Matching them with the entourage’s and the bride’s gowns is a must! Check the seasonality and availability of these flowers. You can order the freshest (and the cheapest) kinds of flowers that align with the growing season around your wedding date. If you want to de-stress yourself, do not chose non-seasonal flowers, as you may find it very difficult to order especially when your wedding date falls out of the flower’s season.

4. Wedding invitations show your desire to invite those you want to be present on your wedding day. You must have a complete list or quickly finalize the line-up of your guests to avoid forgetting anybody that should be present for your very special day. You would not want special people in your lives to feel insignificant because you accidentally forgot to send them an invitation!

5. Weeks before the big day, prepare your wedding vows. It should be meaningful, straight from your heart, and well rehearsed to avoid embarrassing moments. Do not wait for the last minute to draft your wedding vows.

6. Most couples choose to brand their wedding rings with their initials. There are also some who choose to have symbols or dedications as gestures of love and devotion engraved on their rings. Plan on your wedding bands early so you can adjust your budget and your time around them. Aside from your wedding bands, a nice set of silver engraved cufflinks can also be a special item. Like the rings, wedding cufflinks can also be engraved with any design you wish to have. This item is equally memorable since it can be made to fit your choice of shape, size and material. Wedding Cufflinks can express those ideas that one fails to put into words.

When everything is set and ready, you can relax and wait for the special day you exchange “I do’s”. The memories will serve as lasting treasures that are worth keeping for the rest of your lives.


How to Make Your Wedding Favors Effective

Wedding favors are minor details of the wedding that are often overlooked to the last minute. What is worse is they are also often thrown by guests after a few hours or even minute on their hand or bag. But if you are a bride who wants the favor to be affective and a success, don’t overlook your favors neither choose a boring one, instead go for something unique and personalized.

Many brides would think that wedding favors cost big, or if they will make their own it can take a lot of time. Don’t fret because you don’t need to spend a lot on your wedding favors nor spend too much making them because there are plenty of inexpensive favors to choose from, as well as favors that are easy to make.

But how to make your wedding favors effective? This is a question that should be given a solution. Remember, your wedding favors will serve as the memorabilia of your wedding, so they need to be something worthy to be cherished by the guests.

1. Choose favors according to your budget. The common fault of brides is they tend to spend a lot of money and time making wedding their wedding larger and elaborate than they even want to have. Although it is a surefire that guests will be delighted with IPODS or designer watches as your tokens for them, but these put a huge dent in your pocket.

Aside from the fact that they serve as your wedding memorabilia, wedding favors are also tokens of appreciation to your guests –so just keep them simple, yet sweet. By simply having your simple and inexpensive wedding favors engraved, you can turn them into something precious and thoughtful. Take time to search for the best deals around or online, then enjoy saving some extra money and seeing your guests.

2. Keep simple but with style –simple wedding favors are often easy to decorate. If you have a long guest list, don’t hesitate to ask your bridesmaids and other members of the family help you. Sure they will never say no, in fact it can be a privilege for them to help you as they understand that you have thousands of things in mind. Additionally, it makes a great bonding for everyone of you while decorating little trinkets for the guests.

When making or decorating your wedding favors, whether you have friends or relatives to help you, there’s no reason to spend to much time and money on them when there are some easier ways that you can take. Go simple, but don’t forget to be stylish as well.

It is also important to choose wedding favors that suit the theme of your wedding. If you don’t have a theme, at least choose favors that fit your personality or what is common between you and your groom-to-be. You can find themed wedding favors as well as unique wedding favors on many websites that specialize on wedding supplies and etc.


Six Cheap Wedding Ideas

 In America, it is estimated that the wedding costs play roughly at around $27,000. If you would consider your practical side, that amount is gigantic enough. In these times when worldwide financial crisis is being experienced by everyone, wouldn’t you think spending $27,000 on a wedding alone is an over-the-top venture already? Why would you spend $27,000 to have a gorgeous wedding celebration when you can have the same experience with cheap wedding ideas?

It is a common scenario wherein the couple splurges to really give a grand wedding experience for everybody to witness and celebrate with. But if you are going to be expensive on your wedding and you have nothing left after the celebration, don’t you think it would be a little difficult to start with the new phase of your married life?

If you are so keen on having a grand, dream wedding but having a little issue on the budget, consider the following cheap wedding ideas below.

1. Do it off-peak. Traditionally, weddings fall on months of May to December; hence, wedding services and goods are normally pricey. Schedule your wedding then on the dates that fall on the months of January to April to avoid high costs. Cakes, wedding hosts, venues, and other wedding essentials are a lot cheaper than when you would avail them on the other months.

2. Keep your guests at the right number. Normally, wedding guests number to as much as more than 150. That means 150 for the food, 150 chairs, 150 invitation cards, 150 wedding favors and giveaways, so on and so forth. You don’t have to do this. Keep the number of guests thin by sending invitations to people whom you are only close with and you will discover how much you can save by just doing this simple cheap wedding idea.

3. Don’t hire a number of photographers. In this high-technology era, everyone can pretty much handle different high-end digital video-cameras, so why not have a relative or friend do the task? Surely, they would be more than glad to be of help to your wedding. Wedding photographers are always expensive, so cut them out of the expenses if you want to save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

4. Pick inexpensive yet stylish wedding favors. There are many dollar-worth simple items which you can purchase for wedding favors or giveaways. Little, fashionable bags with colorful ties or ribbons with candies or chocolates are great ideas but won’t give you headaches with the cost.

5. Simple and not-so tall wedding cake. Tall, extravagant wedding cakes are costly, we all know about that. Opt these out and choose a simple, short wedding cake. Focus on the design and style of the cake, and guests will still be wowed by the presentation.

6. Invitation cards. This is one of the most effective cheap wedding ideas that you will never ignore. People who are invited in a wedding don’t particularly pay attention to the kind of invitation card given to them. They are more concerned on what dress and gift they would give to you, so don’t be extravagant with the cards. Just make sure they have the complete wedding details including the list of venue, date and time, entourage, sponsors, and etc.


Edible Wedding Reception Favors To Delight Your Guests

 There is always something special in edible favors that makes them a hit during any kind of wedding. A couple can never go wrong giving edible wedding favors to their guests. Who doesn’t like food anyway? So if you are a bit confused on what kind of wedding favor to give to your friends and loved ones at your wedding, consider something edible.

First, you have to choose a kind of food that will make your edible wedding favor, since there are various options to choose from. It could be candy, mint, almond, chocolate, cookie, cupcakes, jam, honey or anything that savors anyone’s taste. Your decision may depend on some clever experiences you had or what is common between you and your spouse-to-be. For example, it may happen to be that you both enjoy cookies and milk, so probably your decision is to give out cookie wedding favors and provide jars of milk for your guests. There are also some instances like a couple decided to have a monogram themed wedding, and they chose custom M&M’s as their edible wedding treats for their guests.

Many brides prefer edible wedding favors over others because they find them cheaper than other types of wedding favor. So if you are on a tight budget, it would make a practical idea to go for something that can be eaten by your guests. Also, most edible favors are easy to make or package at home. So whether you will make or buy the favors and package them at home, there will never be a big problem just do it ahead of time.

When it comes to packaging your edible wedding favors, there are plenty of options you can choose from. Depending on the choice of edible treat you want to give out, you can have them packaged in fancy little wedding favor boxes, organza bags, Chinese takeout boxes, mint tins, paper bags, small jars, bottles etc.

Edible wedding favors such as cookies, candies, mini cakes, and chocolates can be presented in a particular shape of your desire. The most common shapes for these edible wedding favors are heart, bridal gown, love birds, kissing bells, and wedding cake. You can find cookie cutters in all shapes if you want to cut your homemade wedding cookies in a shape you desire. Molds for chocolate and candy favors come in all shapes as well. You can find so many tools and materials that you can use in making your edible wedding favors at a local craft store or online.

Speaking of online, you can choose between shopping at a local store and shopping online. Shopping online is an ideal option if you are too busy and don’t have time to visit local stores one by one. Online shopping also gives you a much wider selection of wedding favors to choose from, as well as different options to personalize them. Visit websites that specialize in party favors in different varieties, from edible wedding favors, practical wedding favors, unique wedding favors to a lot more.


Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

Backyard Wedding Reception IdeasWhen throwing a backyard reception, what happens there is limited only by the constraints of the space and the flexibility of your imagination. If you want to have a barbecue, go ahead. If you want a luau, party on. Taking the wedding reception outside of the reception hall affords the bridal couple a lot of freedom if they’re ready to accept it. Here are some ideas to make a backyard wedding reception easy and wonderful.

In a traditional reception hall wedding reception, there is a dance floor surrounded by tables. In less-formal receptions, some people choose to forego some of the tables and serve appetizers, but the layout is pretty much the same. In a backyard wedding, you can choose any layout you like. Instead of a circular arrangement of tables and chairs, try using the topography of the space to create conversation areas. They could be standing tables around a swimming pool full of lily pads and sunflowers, comfortable lounge chairs on the deck to watch the sunset from, and other groupings of chairs and tables around the yard. Place a food station at each conversation area, and the guests will naturally flow from one area to another.

Decorations need not be extravagant in a backyard wedding reception. Play up the yard’s features with extra flower plantings and possibly the addition of some flowering trees. Small flower arrangements of roses or carnations on the tables and about the reception area will go a long way toward creating beauty and ambiance. The cost of decorations could be cut in half, and perennial flowers and trees will be wonderful reminders of the day for many years to come. If the yard you’re using doesn’t have many features to play up, create a dance floor and surround it with tables. Erect a tent above the dance floor and swathe the tent poles with tulle. String fairy lights up the poles and around the tulle and place lanterns on the tables. It creates a perfect ambiance for an evening garden wedding.

Theme weddings are fun in backyard gathering spaces. You can create a high tea with finger sandwiches, teapots, petit-fours, and prissy flower and herb cuttings. You could also create a masquerade ball with gilded tablecloths and ornate decorations.

Some nice additions to any garden or backyard wedding reception are arbors and gazebos. You could place a flower-covered arbor at the entrance to the reception, and the newlyweds could walk underneath it to be announced to the guests. A gazebo is a fun place for a conversation station, or could even serve as the space for the couple’s first dance.

Use your imagination and let your sense of play run wild for your backyard wedding reception. There is a lot less at stake when the reception is in your own backyard. Let this be your day and dress it up with dreams. Plant a flowering tree and decorate it with a commemorative plaque. With a little luck you’ll dance in that gazebo on your fiftieth anniversary.