Wedding Reception Food Ideas

  You want to have pizza at your wedding? As odd as this may sound, more and more people are opting to have pizza as a wedding reception dish. No matter what your wedding type, pizza can make a great wedding reception food choice. After all, it is still your wedding and you should be able to pick what food you want for the reception. Here are some ideas about how to have pizza at your wedding reception and make it the talk of the party for all the right reasons.

There is a kind of pizza for every wedding type. First, decide what type of wedding you are having. Is it formal, informal, or casual? Is it traditional, contemporary, or unique? Next, inventory your likes and dislikes. If you could have anything at your wedding reception, what would it be? Do you truly want barbecue pizza at your haute-cuisine reception? With a little creativity, you can make this happen.

For a formal wedding, pizza can be a part of pre-dinner appetizers in the form of mini-pizzas. Have goat cheese and sun dried tomato on crostini or gouda on toast points with grape tomatoes. If you want to have pizza as a main dish, this can still be done even at a sit-down dinner. Offer the choice of wilted spinach and smoked chicken, caramelized onion and salmon, filet mignon and swiss cheese, or roasted vegetable pizza as main dish options. A good chef can make this a very elegant meal with an arugula and goat cheese salad.

The above options lend themselves very well to an appetizer buffet, which is a wonderful option for any wedding reception style except the very formal. Include a parmesan, mozzarella and gouda fondue at a contemporary wedding reception or buffalo chicken kebabs as sides at an intimate or casual buffet.

For a very intimate wedding reception, you could host the party at your favorite family-style Italian restaurant. Pizza could be accompanied by spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, and pasta and pesce Alfredo and finished with tiramisu and dessert wine.

Very casual and family-oriented weddings can end with pitch-in or barbecue receptions. For a pitch-in, you could have each person bring their favorite home-made pizza flavor. For a barbecue, of course, guests could be treated to a barbecue chicken, sweet onion, and cheddar pizza alongside the pulled pork and cole slaw.

Pizza could top off destination or theme weddings nicely. After a beach wedding, what could be better than Hawaiian pizza and pina coladas or Mexican pizza and margaritas?

Any of these ideas may sound like sacrilege to you if all you’ve been hearing about is the standard beef, chicken, or fish sit-down dinner. It is good to remember, though, that it is your wedding, and if you have your heart set on pizza, you deserve it. With a little creativity, pizza can successfully star at any type of wedding. If your caterer is worth her rolling pin, she’ll be able to come up with the perfect pizza for just the wedding you have in mind.


Various Wedding Party Presents For Men

Today, from traditional, contemporary to really quirky, there are wide choices of wedding gifts for grooms and male attendants. Often, giving gifts to these men is done during the rehearsal dinner, bachelor party, or wedding shower. There is no best time to present wedding gifts just as long as each recipient is at the event.

For the groomsmen, gifts for them can be anything that will really appreciate. Thus, the groom should look around for items that fit the references of his groomsmen. The assignment of the groom is to be able to know the likes, interests, hobby, or lifestyle of each groomsmen, that if he don’t know the groomsmen that much.

When choosing groomsmen gifts, it doesn’t need the gifts to be similar. A groom can buy different kinds of gift items that suit the different taste of his attendants. For example, one gift is for the sports enthusiast, the other one is for the alcohol-lover, another is for a groomsman who likes extreme outdoor activities, and the last is for groomsman who enjoys cooking.

Here are some various wedding party presents not only for groomsmen but also for other men involved in a wedding:

Sports and Leisure Gift Ideas –poker set, baseball, baseball bat, jersey, sports tickets, sporty memorabilia, golf set, sports visor, multifunction pocket knife, concert tickets, personalized pub signs, barbecue kit, grilling apron, cigar accessories, cigar humidor, universal remote control, traveling bar set.

Edible Gift Ideas –gift basket of unusual hot sauces, gourmet treats, or other favorite consumption of men, membership to a beer of the month club, cocktail set with a recipe book of drink.

Traveling Gift Ideas –duffel bag, travel jewelry box, books, travel alarm clock, travel mug or aluminum water bottle, gift certificate at a getaway destination.

Personal Items for Men –manicure and shave set, grooming products for men, a gift certificate for a day at a luxury barber shop, shoe polishing kit.

When shopping for wedding gifts, many prefer to shop online. The birth of the internet has been a great help to most people, especially to those who are really busy and don’t have time to go to malls or local shops. The internet has also been helping grooms and brides plan their wedding, as well as finding gifts for their bridesmaids, groomsmen and other wedding attendants who deserve a gift.

Personalized wedding gifts are very popular these days. These can be anything that can be embroidered, engraved, embossed, or printed with names, initials, a date, or even a short message or quote. The gifts for gentlemen at the wedding, if personalized, will make thoughtful gifts that they will really cherish for years to come. There are hundreds of online stores that offer a wide variety of wedding gifts for men that can be personalized. Some of the most popular gifts for men that are often personalized are pocket knives, flasks, money clips, cufflinks, cigar lighters, business cards cases, watches, cooler chairs, duffel bags, gym bags, pub signs, jewelry boxes, key chains and a lot more.