No One Said Planning Weddings Was Easy

┬áThe proposal has been made and accepted. Now the phase of planning weddings has to be entered. What is an exciting time of a couple’s life can turn into turmoil if a plan is not set up and followed. A wedding planner would be nice. At the cost of nuptials today, many cannot afford the expense.

The first thing to be considered is the wedding budget. Tradition dictates that the brides parent’s cover the cost of certain things. The same follows for the parent’s of the groom. Tradition is often cast aside with couples paying for their wedding or splitting the cost with parents. Just set a figure and stick to it.

A place to hold the ceremony must be first on your list. If you are planning on a church wedding you have to be sure you can co-ordinate the church and the reception hall. As for the reception, you need to look into seating space, food choices, and friendliness of staff. Check with friends and see how their experience was.

Now that you have a place to be hold the ceremony you can begin looking at gowns. Professional shop guides will aid you in a style and fit that will have you looking your best. Your gown will most likely have to be ordered. Time must be allowed for alterations. If a custom dress is ordered, a year is not too soon to make your choice. The bride and groom should look at tuxedos and making color choices for the attendants.

Other things are photographers and vehicles. Good photographers are booked well in advance. If you know who you want get them booked. Find out what warranty policy they have against illness or for not appearing as promised. Make sure there is a back up plan. The same goes for the limousine. Unless you live in an area where there are numerous services available, book your vehicle service in advance. Pick a company that has an excellent track record for being on time both before and after the ceremony. Wedding rings can be chosen, engraved, and styled to the bride and groom’s liking. .

Coordinating the decorations with your wedding colors can be done. Visit with your florist. Bring samples of the colors you chose. All colors should compliment each other. Money can be saved on head table decorations using special holders for the bride and her attendant’s bouquets. Table favors can be assembled.

Preparing your guest list depends on your budget. If you only have funds for 150 guests, inviting 200 would be folly. Printing companies order in lots of fifty cards per box. Don’t forget the reply cards. Printed directions are nice for people attending from outside the area. Invitations can be addressed right away and mailed when appropriate.

Six months prior to the big day, you can attend to smaller things. Seating arrangements and menu choices are examples. Planning weddings increases stress. Very few couples make it through the day without a case of nerves. Formalize your plans so that you know there will be no small detail forgotten. The more structured your guide, the more relaxed your wedding day will be.