How To Plan A Wedding, Few Tips To Remember

It is a fact that marriage should always be organized according to the wishes of the couple. So, if the bride and groom have a dream of getting married on the beach, it will hardly make them give up! But it is interesting to evaluate the “pros and cons” of this decision.

Positive Wedding Favours on the Beach

Positive Wedding Favours on the Beach

Naturally gorgeous scenery;

Offer a unique experience for the guests;

Turning a few hours event into something “grand”, since most of the guests have to prepare for the trip and usually end up staying more than a day in the city where the wedding took place (as well as the bride and groom );

The certainty of wonderful photos with that unique beauty of a beach.

Negative wedding points on the beach

Greater attention to factors such as (and mainly) the climate;

Availability of a larger budget

The possibility of bad weather requires a plan B, ending with the dream of performing the ceremony outdoors and standing on the sand;

The fact that not all the guests will be able to take off to go to a wedding on the beach;

More bureaucracy (authorizations) and difficulty in resolving things at a distance.

For Azevedo, marrying on the beach refers to having more points of attention and investment than marrying in other places. Of course, it’s all worth it if the beach wedding really is a dream for the couple!

So, that’s exactly what should be evaluated: “Do we really make it a question of marriage being on the beach?” If the answer is yes, surely the couple, assisted by good professionals, will “take the letter” every step of the organization and will hold an unforgettable event for all!

Decoration: tips and inspirations

A beach already “speaks for itself”, so, especially in this case, the “less is more” maxim applies fully.

“You are getting married in a place that already has its natural beauty. So, if you get a lot of decorating, that will overshadow what you’ve been looking for on a beach: the natural beauty of the place. The background is exactly being able to see the sea, the waves, birds flying … “, comments Azevedo.

“That is, the wedding on the beach calls for a more simplistic decoration so that the attention of the guests is focused even for that moment, for the natural landscape,” adds the marriage consultant. Read more tips about this at South Coast wedding venues.

However, thinking about the items that will be placed, it is necessary to pay attention to some points. “For example, if the bride and groom want to put an arrangement on top of the celebrant’s dresser, let this be a heavy, not too large arrangement … Because if there is a wind (normal on a beach), this arrangement may tip over,” adds the consultant.

Inspirational Beach Wedding Decorations

Get inspired by beautiful ceremonies on the beach and learn how to think about your wedding decoration in order to value (but never overshadow!) The natural beauty of this environment!