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Give Eye Catching Look to Your Wedding

Give Eye Catching Look to Your Wedding

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wedding-bouquetPreparing a wedding ceremony can be hard working, but one must be careful to pay heed to every part attentively, and here I can put enough emphasis on using wedding flowers. They are the most essential parts of a wedding celebration, and can prove to be the easiest aspect of the said to deal with. Choosing the right flowers for your wedding is very important, as certain flowers represent certain things, for example Red Roses express true love, Calla Lily retains beauty, Red Tulip means declaration of love, and Daisy stands for innocence, and so on. You might also want to integrate wedding flowers in such a way that they blend with the theme of your wedding.

As Bridal Bouquets: Bridal bouquets is a large part of tradition in weddings, and the tradition also beholds that majority of flowers in the bridal bouquet are white or off-white in color. You could either stand by this tradition, or make one of your own choices. In addition to the color, you must also pay attention to the scent of the flowers, and if scents don’t give you much worry than you could opt on carrying a delightedly scented one. All these different aspects should be considered while looking out for bridal bouquets, as they are an important part of wedding.

For Decorations: Special attention is paid to the decorations in the church where the wedding ceremony takes place. Care must be taken that this whole decoration is under your budget, and meets with the theme of your wedding. As for the decorations, use of wedding flowers really adds the touch of natural beauty to your wedding. The importance of having your venue delightfully scented with beautiful flowers cannot be over emphasized. There are no special flowers set aside for this purpose, but again care must be taken that whatever flowers you choose must match the theme and color of your wedding. The color, texture and scents of flowers go a long way in changing the look and feel of your wedding.

At the Reception: Reception is the part of your wedding where you show thanks to all the people who have actively participated in your wedding in one way or another. There are also gifts given to certain people who helped out on your wedding, like the Bride’s Maids, the Bride’s Mother and the Groom’s Mother. Wedding flowers can successfully be added to both the reception decorations and the gift giving. You could decorate the reception venue with floral designs intended to apprehend your wedding theme. You could also have a rose given out with each of your gifts, so it would add to a good memory.

So remember, that everybody strives to make their wedding ceremony the most memorable day of their lives, as on this day two souls are joined as one, sharing their lives for all eternity. Adding the beauty of nature at this event is fairly important, and this can be done by effective use of wedding flowers.

The Best Winter Wedding Flower Ideas And Choices

The Best Winter Wedding Flower Ideas And Choices

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Most people like winter season and this is the reason why people arrange marriages in winters. One of the reason for choosing winter as the marriage season is due to the large and high availability of winter wedding flowers. But one sad thing is that at this time the most favorite among the winter wedding Flower, rose is not available at most of the places. You can get this flower in winters too, but for that you need to pay high amount. But there is nothing to lose, as many other beautiful and hearts touching flowers are available in this season.



The alternative for rose in winter is amaryllis and this winter wedding flower is also available in red and white colors. This flower spreads beautiful scent and can make your day happier. There is another star like flower called as anemone and it is available in red, white and pink colors. For yellow color lovers there are daffodils and they are available from January to June. So, whenever you plan to marry do not forget to invite daffodils in your wedding.

It’s important to make sure you’ve got the right flowers for the big day, and making sure your ideal flowers are actually in season is important in order to avoid disappointment. If you’re having your ceremony at a church, at home or at a Britannia Hotel (who do have a weddings section at britanniahotels.com) then you need to make sure the flowers can be transported reliably and safely. Whatever gets them there for the day is the important thing.


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Flowers spread a meaning also, and Holly flower as it name spread spirituality. Holly winter wedding flower is a must for charismas wedding and it brings the charm in the wedding. The most beautiful among winter flowers is Jasmine and its fragrance can add love and affection to your wedding. Jasmine is also essential for wedding as its fragrance fill romance in the environment. White color lovers can also use Star of Bethlehem and this flower is also very cheap. Tulips are also available as winter wedding flower and can be best option for decorating reception area. This flower is available in pink, white, red, purple and many other colors.

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Winters are also season of festivals. You need to keep this thing in mind as some winter wedding flower are available at premium rates in this season. It is better if you select your winter wedding flower by considering all possibilities, so that flowers do not put much pressure on your wedding budget. Well festivals can also save some of your money as due to festivals some halls and churches are already decorated. Also, people are in full mood to enjoy this season and only a reason of celebration is enough to make them happy. So, you only need to add some beautiful flowers that spread the message of love and togetherness. Enjoy your wedding with best of the season and best of winter wedding flowers.

The Best Spring Wedding Flower Ideas

The Best Spring Wedding Flower Ideas

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Spring connotes new life and so does marriage. Spring wedding flowers represent the beginning of an unsullied way of life. Spring wedding flowers are in general dazzling in facade and put in a sense of vivid glee to any wedding ceremony. It is the dream of every bride to have a spring wedding and bunches of aromatic spring bridal flowers in her spring wedding bouquets.


Someone with spring wedding flowers as their nuptial theme will have a large variety to pick from. A few of the universal spring wedding flowers are roses, lily, daisy, primrose, hyacinth, tulips, daffodils, pansy, magnolias, iris, calla lily and forsythia. Plants with blossoming spring wedding flowers on its branches are also an imperative element of spring wedding flowers.

A spring wedding celebration, adorned with unsullied spring wedding flowers form an entire portrait of jubilance. Daffodils come in cheerful light yellow and white hues which bring bliss and brilliant dashes of color to spring wedding bridal bouquets. The very spectacle of it can fill up the heart of the bride with glee. Roses are available round the year though and are a favorite. The variety of colors for roses is extremely wide. Tulips come in a large variety of colors like red, pink, yellow, white, purple and blue. These can be assorted with other spring wedding flowers to form spring wedding bouquets. The perfect “blend in” for a spring wedding.

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Buplerum is a well-liked spring wedding flower. It has pillaring margins on luminous light green and is full of little yellow sprouts in clusters. It is a magnificent filler to generate that imperative quality to your spring wedding bouquet. The different varieties of tropical foliage can come in as an enhancement. Usually, they are made of big, broad foliage that can be beautifully hooped with varying hues of yellow or green. Using tropical foliage in your spring wedding bouquet makes an especially spectacular statement, and more often than not looks the most excellent.

    Ruscus is gleaming, deep green colored that is available as Florida Ruscus and Italian Ruscus. This big, smooth folio is elegantly simple and graceful. Seeded Eucalyptus is a spring wedding favorite. This deviation on the small, heavy foliage of eucalyptus has little hordes of bare kernels that provide this filler the look of a wild flower. This will make a breathtakingly beautiful combination with other spring wedding flowers. Pitto Sporum is a multicolored green and white leaf which is ideal for enriching spring wedding bouquets mixing with spring flowers and greens.