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Wedding Planning – Some Easy Steps

Wedding Planning – Some Easy Steps

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Wedding is the union of two souls into one, and is therefore a really memorable event. Careful consideration should be made on every little step along the way of planning a wedding so you make the day unique and memorable as much as possible because it would be something you and your spouse will look back for the years to follow.


Wedding planning involves lot of aspects and none of them should be overlooked in order to fully ensure that everything goes perfect on this memorable day. I have a few steps listed out that you would need to cover to plan your wedding out successfully, and I am sure that you would be really happy on the day.

Step 1: Planning the Budget:

This is essential for every wedding. Before you go along with anything else, you need to go forward with planning a budget for your wedding. This is highly essential as all of the future planning will revolve around this step. Carefully read through each of the other steps, then sit together with your would-be bride and plan out a budget. Then, when you go out to shop and order stuff, carefully stick to it so you don’t end up not ordering something important just because you ran out of money.

Step 2: Ceremony:

The second important thing which comes under consideration for wedding planning is the ceremony. When you are done with the engagement, think about if you want a civil or a religious ceremony. This impacts the location of the big day, and hence you would want to book early in order to get the date that you want.

Step 3: Guest List:

This is the most important thing that will impact your budget. You should only invite the number of guest that you can handle, because the more you invite, the more you would have to spend on food and venue.

Step 4: Wedding Planner:

As you would be spending too much time shopping and doing stuff together, you might want to hire a professional wedding planner for yourself who would be able to plan out your wedding for you and cover it around. Don’t worry about the money though, because the wedding planner would probably end up paying for yourself by giving you endless possibilities when it comes to your budget.

Step 5: Catering:

Mostly the venue you choose would provide catering for you, but in cases where you book a hall or marquee, you would need to arrange that yourself. You could ask for recommendations, and before booking any, try out some samples of their menus to see if they are any good. Food is an important part of the wedding, and you don’t want to mess that up.

So make sure you go through with these steps properly, as these steps will cover all the possible aspects of wedding planning.

Wedding Plan – Things To Consider

Wedding Plan – Things To Consider

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The most joyous and special time for a couple and their family is planning the wedding. This magnificent process generally starts out with the engagement, when the future groom asks out the future bride and the bride accepts. After the marriage proposal wedding plans just starts to begin, and the bride and the groom just cherish those moments together.

Wedding Plan

So once you are done with your engagement you are ready to start planning for the big day. Well the big day wouldn’t be decided until you actually plan on the date, so the first thing to consider in wedding plan is the wedding date. This can be a tough moment, as the wedding date depends on a lot of factors, which include your honeymoon plans, or a special day for the couple, and maybe even the availability of the church. Once your date is set you are good to go on planning the rest of the wedding.

The beginning stages of wedding plan generally involve the selection of theme and colors of wedding, on which the rest of the occasion mostly depends. This selection also enables you to start purchasing invitation cards, which could be purchased at a bridal store, gift store, or could even be custom made for uniqueness. In addition to the number of people you are inviting, you might want to get some 20 extra so you could cover up for any errors. After this, you also need to make out your budget, so you don’t go over the top, and end up wanting to buy something you can’t afford. This is where the initial stages end.

After this initial stage, the crucial stage starts. This is planning on a wedding dress. This does require a lot of work, as weddings only happen once in a lifetime and you would want them to be perfect. Try going to bridal shops or check out the online stores. You will also want to decide on the bridesmaid’s gowns and tuxedos. The bridal stores can really be a help in this regard.

After you are done with the dress, next important thing to consider for wedding plan is decorations. Attention should be paid on every little detail, so that it matches altogether. Don’t forget the theme and colors of your wedding that you set up earlier, because your dress was selected according to that too. Decorations can really make the day beautiful and something to remember.

One thing you should not forget about is the wedding minister. It cannot be overstressed that a good wedding minister will really add to the life of your wedding, and after selecting one, you as a couple should spend time with him/her so they understand you better, and can give a unique touch to the wedding.

I think that concludes pretty much everything, and if you pay attention to all the tips in this article you will be really surprised as to how memorable this day turns out for you