Unique Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Dream Wedding

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers For Your Dream Wedding After the wedding ceremony and the party is over everybody wants to have a reminder of your special day. Aside from pictures, one of the keepsakes a couple can have is the cake topper. Unique wedding cake toppers do not only add glamour and class but it also serve as a focal point for a theme adopted for the wedding. Before, it is only used to enhance the appearance of the cake and to add style to the wedding centerpiece.

Cake toppers fall into two categories. One is the traditional wedding cake topper. It is traditional in the sense that they are classic in nature and they depict a traditional wedding. The other one is comical or humorous cake toppers. Today a cake topper is one of the most important details a cake should have. Some of the unique wedding toppers are mostly custom made.

Custom wedding toppers are mostly expensive but you can see the craftsmanship in every design which is worth the pay. If the couples are just looking for the traditional type of cake toppers, they can have it pre-made from cake shops or even order online from the cake topper catalogs that online cake shop prepared for potential clients. You can always order anytime and you have many choices of designs to choose from that will suit to your wedding theme and cake.

With a wide selection to choose from and a wide array of themes from a simple monogram, humorous, traditional, symbolic, castles, circle of Love, military, precious moments, animals, characters, crystals, Swarovski, religious, career, sports and lot to more and from sculpted and from ceramic, glass, porcelain or gold, certainly a memorable wedding is just a grab away.

There are some unique non-traditional bride and groom designs that you can choose for a unique wedding. These decorations include a bride that has caught her groom in a fishing line, a groom carrying his bride, a bride and groom kissing, a bride and groom dressed in military garb, football jersey or other costumes and a bride and groom engaging in sports. The choice seems to be endless and your imagination is your only limitation.

You may come across of the well-crafted designs. In addition to simple toppers are convenient and humorous unique designs that are truly amazing. To impress the guests, custom and personalize unique wedding cake toppers are made like a replica or caricature of both bride and groom. Each piece is hand sculpted with great attention to every detail from photos provided by the customer. This is closer to having your own self on the cake itself where you can have your face printed on the cake too.

Just be sure in choosing the right topper, choose unique wedding cake toppers that go along with your wedding motif and theme. Add a more personalized touch that will display your own style and personality for each wedding topper signifies the special moment cherished by couples, a special reminder that they could cherish for a lifetime.