Wedding Theme Ideas

Elegance is in the details, and providing a theme to tie the details of your wedding together can create beautiful results. Here are some themes to consider when choosing a wedding theme for your wedding and reception.

Depending on the time period you choose, a period theme can make for a very stylish and formal wedding or an eclectic and fun one. Choose a Victorian wedding theme set among gazebos and rose gardens with lots of lace and gilding. Try a fifties wedding theme with hoop skirts, bobby socks, and old-fashioned rock and roll.

This theme can be in decor or fashion. Choose butter yellow, cornflower blue, and maroon for colors. Put stylized chickens on everything from the invitations to the tablecloths to the cake and favors. You could even host the reception at a farm or in a barn.

Butterflies, unicorns, and stars:
Take any pretty animal, icon, or image and make a theme of it. For a butterfly wedding, stitch butterflies into the bodice of your gown with gold or silver thread or wear gossamer wings, emblazon the cake with sugar-crystal butterflies, and release live butterflies after the vows and rings are exchanged.

Cultural and Ethnic:
Weddings that are very religious or ethnic take on a theme automatically. Play it up by threading it throughout the entire wedding process from invitation to reception. Put sacred herbs in your wedding invitations, layer the ceremony with bible verses, and serve foods from your homeland at the reception. Weddings for people that are very political or dedicated to a cause might take on natural themes. Gay marriage ceremonies might be laced with rainbow colors or other cultural elements that are important to the wedding couple.

Candlelight and fairies:
A night wedding could become a fairy’s paradise with fairy lights, tulle, and floating candles. Flickering fountains, lanterns, and crystals could decorate tables. The wedding couple could pass under a lighted arbor amid the tinkle of wind chimes.

Sand, waves, and fairy tales:
Destination and fairy tale weddings can create their own themes. Beach weddings or even weddings where the couple plan on honeymooning at the beach can have a beach theme throughout the wedding experience with sand or ship-in-a-bottle favors, Hawaiian pizza appetizers, fruity drinks, and wave sounds. Fairy tale weddings are often held at amusement parks. The bride can choose to be Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella for a day and find Prince Charming in her groom. Carry the magic by designing fairy tale invitations and favors and inviting guests to come costumed as their favorite characters.

Add drama and intrigue to a wedding by throwing a masquerade. Invite the fantastical by requiring guests to attend in masks, ball gowns, and tuxedoes. Instead of raising a wedding veil to kiss the bride, the bride and groom could remove their masks.

Any wedding theme adds a continuity of experience to a wedding and reception. It can release a sense of play in attendees and bridal couple both. With a theme, it is important to remember that elegance may lie in the details, but joy is in experiencing them. Pick a theme, have fun implementing it, and enjoy your special day.