Your Guide to a Beach Wedding Party

For those who would like to put a different twist to their weddings, or follow Hollywood weddings that have been conducted on a beach, a beach wedding party is a great wedding theme choice. The fresh air and outdoor comfort makes beach weddings a popular option during the late spring and summer months. But before you head out into the sand and dream about that sunset view towards the end of your wedding ceremony, here are some important things that you should plan for.

Have enough preparation time. Having ample time to source for suppliers and plan the whole wedding is essential in making sure that everything will run smoothly. If you run out of time, you might end up with limited choices, which can greatly affect your budget and how the whole wedding will turn out. Preparing well in advance will help you avoid missing out on key items and opportunities.

Get a wedding officiate. If you are not living near the beach area, chances are you may not know a wedding officiate in the area. Get in touch with local chapels and churches to get an available officiate.

Coordinate with suppliers regularly. Take a trip down to the location to scout out the venues and check out any wedding contractors that you will be dealing with, like the caterer. You should also be open to their suggestions and ideas as they are the ones who are more experienced in handling beach weddings. If you coordinate with them early on, you might even get discounts for booking with them.

Dress appropriately. This applies not just to the guests, but to the bride as well. Because some gowns may feel cramped and heavy, stick to sleeker and more comfortable styles because remember that the wedding location may turn out to be really hot and unpredictable. Your hairstyle should also be casual and breezy. Remember that your hair will be continuously exposed to the wind and the sun. Your makeup should be enough as well to last the whole day as the wind can take its toll on your makeup.

Plan for Bad Weather Just in Case. Since you are planning your wedding well in advance, there is no way to know what the weather is going to be like on your actual wedding day. In case it is rainy or stormy, come up with a plan for an indoor wedding just in case. You will also need a way to get in touch with all your guests to let them know of any changes in the plan. Check the weather at least a week beforehand.

Now you can prepare for that beach wedding that can probably even rival those Hollywood weddings. A beach wedding is truly romantic and the thought of being one with nature as you exchange vows, and the view of the endless sea, is something that can take the breath away of the couple and the guests as well. Conclude your wedding with a party right on the beach as well for that refreshing twist.